Open  the door 

  • Touch Electronic Keypad 
  • RF Card 
  • Password + RF Card
  • Mechanical Key 


ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 3 
Passed 200,000 tests and security performance tests

Simple Retrofit Installation 
Easy to install instead of existing ball lock

Automatica Locking 
Automatic locking speed can be set for convenient peace of mind

Fake PIN 
Add a virtual code before and after the password to avoid being hacked.

Emergency Escape Function
Can open the door lock quickly, safe and reliable

Two- Factor authentication mode 
Equipped with high security mode (password + RF card) design to enhance security / personal privacy

Multi Function 
Optional door lock / channel

Low Battery Alert 
Equipped with a low battery indicator light to remind you to replace the battery

Emergency Power Design  
USB port design, open as emergency power

Product Specification

Model: EC800

Standard: American National

Standard:  ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 3 

Function: door lock / channel

Opening Direction: left and right

RF Card: 1 (up to 100)

Mechanical Key Override: 3 pcs 

Password: 6 - 10 digits

Fake PIN Code: 0 - 6 digits

Colour: Black

Lock Body Specifications: 70 mm (60mm option)

Door Thickness: 35~51 mm

Operating Temperature: -25 degrees to 50 degrees

Power: 4 x AAA alkaline battery