Open  the door 

  • PIN code
  • RFID Key tag
  • PIN code + RFID key tag ≤ 300
  • Mechanical Key 


ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 3 
Passed 200,000 tests and security performance tests

Simple Retrofit Installation 
Easy to install instead of existing ball lock

Automatica Locking 
Automatic locking within 8 seconds

Fake PIN 
Add a virtual code before and after the password to avoid being hacked.

Two- Factor authentication mode 
Equipped with high security mode (password + RF card) design to enhance security / personal privacy

Multi Function 
Optional door lock / channel

Low Battery Alert 
Equipped with a low battery indicator light to remind you to replace the battery

Emergency Power Design  
USB port design, open as emergency power

Product Specifications

Model: EC800

Standard: American National Standard ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 3 

Lock type: Lever

Opening Direction: left / right

RFID key tag: 2 (up to 300)

Mechanical key: 2 pcs 

Password: 6 - 12 digits

PIN code + RFID key tag =<300

Fake PIN Code: 0 - 6 digits

Color: Black

Lock Body Specifications: 70 mm 

Door Thickness: 35-51 mm

Operating Temperature: -25 degrees to 50 degrees

Power: 4 x AAA alkaline battery