YDME50 is the basic digital latch lock. It replaces the existing ball lock and lever handle if you want to enhance the security of your room for luxury goods & confidential documents. 

Open the door 

  • PIN code
  • Key card
  • Mechanical Key 

Touch Keypad 

Wake the device with your palm and leave no trace of fingerprints

Automatic Locking
After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

Reversible Handle
Can be installed on left/right door orientation

Product specification

Model: YDME50

Front body dimension 37.97 mm (D) X 70 mm (W) X 170 mm (H)

Back body dimension 25.48 mm (D) X 70 mm (W) X 179 mm (H)

Lock type: Deadlatch

Key card: up to 30 cards

Mechanical key: 3 pcs 

PIN code: up to 78 user codes

Color: Satin Nickel

Lock Body Specifications: 60 mm 

Door Thickness: 35-55 mm 

Power: 4 x AA alkaline battery