The Yale J20A smart lock is a smart and convenient keyless home entry solutions to ensure your home is safely secured. You can have all the various access options to enter your home either via personalized PIN code, RFID key tag or simply via Yale Access App on your phone.

Open the door 

  • PIN code
  • Key card
  • Bluetooth / Yale Access App

Touch Keypad 

Wake the device with your palm and leave no trace of fingerprints

Automatic Locking
After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

3-min Lock Out Feature
After 5 unsucessful attempts of an invalid code or RFID key tag, lock out mode is activated for 3 minutes.

Smart Etiquette
When entering a pin code on the keypad, the user can open the door lock in silent mode.

Scramble PIN Setting 
Security enhancement to enter any number before or after entering a password to prevent the PIN code from being exposed.

Break-in / damage alarm 

Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal 

Remote control (optional)

Product specification

Model: J20A

Front body dimension 18 mm (D) X 62 mm (W) X 179.8 mm (H)

Back body dimension 36.4 mm (D) X 142.1 mm (W) X 87.1 mm (H)

Lock type: RIM

RFID key tag: up to 100 cards

PIN code: 4-10 digits

  1. Administrator PIN code: only 1
  2. User PIN code: up to 100 users
  3. Visitor PIN code: only 1
  4. 1-time PIN code: only 1

Color: Silver

Lock Body Specifications: 50 / 60 mm 

Door Thickness: 35-60 mm 

Power: 4 x AA alkaline battery