YSM/400/EG1 - Yale Certified Home Safe Box

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic Lock with digital keypad
  • Blue backlight display
  • Laser cut steel door, with auto-opening function (when Correct code is entered)
  • Reinforced steel hinge
  • Brushed aluminum face plate
  • Concealed fixing points and mounting bolts included
  • Interior finish with full felt lining
  • Internal light source
  • Armored steel plates protecting locking mechanism
  • Box packaging
Product Specifications
  • Model:YSM/400/EG1
  • Exterior dimensions (H x L  x W):400 x 350 x 340 mm (This size does exclude 18mm thick keyboard panel)
  • Interior dimensions (H x L x W):390 x 337 x 270 mm
  • Net weight:23.5 kg
  • Door thickness: 6mm
  • Security system: 22mm motorized drive switch door latch, 6-piece double-blade mechanical lock
  • Mosaic mode: comes with heavy-duty fixing bolts and floor protection matsInterior wall: full felt cushion covering
  • Interval: detachable solid inner panel
  • Light: 3 LED lights
  • Enclosure reinforcement: added hard steel plate protection at important locations
  • Backup key: two original emergency metal key cores from Yale
  • Passed identification/standard: Silver Accreditation (UK, 2016) level anti-theft standard and Secure by Design certificate issued by the famous British testing agency Sold Secure