YSEM/520/EG1 - Yale Maximum Security Motorised Safe (Professional)

Key features
  • Reinforced with anti-drill plate andlaser-cut door for protection againstuse of tools to open the safe for maximum safety
  • Lock down for 1 minute after 3 incorrect attempts
  • LCD keypad displays PIN code
  • Internal lighting to give clear visibility
  • Internal hooks and shelf


  • Sold Secure Silver
  • SKG**
  • Secure Design


  • Motorised locking mechanism withtwo anti-saw locking bolts (20mm)
  • Maximum security mechanicaloverride lock that includes 1 double bitted key
  • You can use a 9V battery to gain emergency access and unlock the safe (9V battery not included)
  • Automatic door opening mechanism
  • Able to mount on floor / wall
Product Specification
Exterior dimensions  H520 x W350 x D360mm
Interior dimensions  H510 x W337 x D290mm
Net weight  28 kg
Volume 49.8 litres
Panel thickness 18mm